How can you help?

1. Become a foster parent. We are in need of families that can make give our animals a home while they are waiting to find their forever home. For more information please fill out the Foster Care Application and send it to oaarsfoster@gmail.com for dogs or oaarscats@gmail.com for cats.  

2. Volunteer at the thrift shop and record volunteer hours for OAARS! The Marine Thrift Shop (located in bldg 5691 on Camp Foster) makes a grant to OAARS based on the total number of hours worked by volunteers. For more information please contact our volunteer coordinator at oaarsvolunteers@gmail.com

3. Volunteer at OAARS events!  To hear about our upcomming events and to sign up to volunteer  please contact our volunteer coordinator at oaarsvolunteers@gmail.com

4. Sponsor-A-Pet – This is a program for a unit or group of individuals to care for a specific dog with OAARS. Please contact our Secretary at oaarssecretary@gmail.com , if you are interested in the Sponsor-A-Pet program.

5. Fundraise for OAARS – Units, grade school classes or group of individuals and hold a fundraiser on behalf of OAARS.  Please contact our events coordinator at oaarsevents@gmail.com , if you are interested in holding an event for OAARS.

Don’t have the time to volunteer? Donate! You can donate money by using the link on the menu or contact our foster coordinators (dogs- oaarsfoster@gmail.com, cats-oaarscats@gmail.com) to donate dog or cat supplies.