Bear with is new family in Virginia. Bear is a large dog and with going Cargo with United’s new policy, it would have cost us a small fortune to get him off. So his new family bought his transporter a plane ticket to transport him to Virginia with the old prices. Bear’s story: He was seen by an American couple chained up in horrible conditions off base. When asking his Okinawan mom if they could …pet him, they misunderstood and they said, “Yes Yes you can keep him.” With not knowing what to do, they contacted their friend who happened to be with OAARS. She in turn took him in and Bear was a mess. Bear ended up being 25 pounds underweight, his vocal cords cut, had hookworms, had serious heart worms, not neutered and of course no vaccinations. But with all this he was as sweet as could be and a huge baby. Large animals are hard to find homes for on Okinawa and we are glad Bear found his.

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