Airline Links concerning animals

PCS season is approaching fast and we have added the most common airlines links below concerning pets. (Copy and paste the link) Please read them carefully about; pit bulls, short noses, temperature ranges, crates and any information or questions that you may have. All pages have phone numbers and the appropriate forms (if needed). Please check back with the sites on a regular basis as update info may have been updated. Call if necessary.  

Once picking up your pet and are transporting them using Cargo please make sure that you call and or find the airport map to see if the Cargo company is in the terminal of the airport. A majority of them are not. Schedule at least a four hour layover or an overnight stay so you can drop your animal off at Cargo. If this is not possible another idea is to have a pet transportation pick your animal up from the terminal to bring your pet to Cargo. There of course is a small fee but so worth it as a majority of pet places let your animal out to stretch their legs, get fresh water and clean up a little before getting on another plane.

Please plan properly and if you have any questions, feel free to ask us.

Air Canada:

American Airlines:


Phone Number: 03-6741-1120 Tokyo or 1-800-235-9262 




Phone number: 03-3817-4411,6722,1048,00.html

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  • Brian says

    I am nervous for you guys if they raise the prices up to 4000 to ship animals I think alot of people will return the pets..sad very sad how we can be taken advantage of that

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